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Hello! And welcome to the Science Bloggers Podcast. This show is an offshoot of the Science Bloggers Facebook group and was created with two goals in mind. Many science communicators are also involved in science in some way, whether they are scientists doing research, or have a keen interest in the field. The show geeks out in both areas, letting them discuss the science they write about, and their views on getting their message out.

Sep 10, 2018

Richard Berks is a science communicator who works for a cancer charity and the owner of the Geekfather blog. Richard's blog is both a science and parenting blog and came about as he tried to use a science-based approach to answer some of the questions he had with regard to parenting. In this episode, Richard and I talk about his blog, and some of the articles he had written, his experiences with shared parental leave in the UK, and some of his views on science blogging.

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David Latchman is the host of this episode. He is a freelance science communicator and owner of the Science vs. Hollywood blog where he explores the intersection of science in television, movies, and popular culture. 
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